Our team

Our team is our strength! We are specialists with many years of experience in various fields. Our technical specialists have experience in creating several cryptocurrency projects and major integrations in financial systems and accounting. The project management has extensive experience in working with cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers, successfully managed several projects and now decided to create something new. We are a tolerant, international team ready to conquer new heights!

Vladimir Kazantsev - Founder/Senior IT Specialist
Olga Piyalkina          - Financial Consultant
Gela Lazariashvili    - Technical support
Aida Yeralieva           - Marketing manager

True Investment Finance Token

The TIFT token is designed to create an investment, banking, staking, farming and deposits system in cryptocurrency. When creating the token, we used and studied all modern and popular cryptocurrency technologies and services provided by a variety of services around the world. We chose the most convenient and useful services and combined them into one financial token.

The feature of the token is the farming system. It allows clients to benefit from investing another cryptocurrency in the TIFT project. At the same time, the client does not lose or spend the invested funds and can always withdraw them at any time from the system.

Created on TRON blockchain network

Smart contracts developed on Solidity language and TRC-20

Banking services, staking and farming - all-in-one token


Combined different technologies in one TIFT

TIFT token created on TRC-20 smart contracts in TRON blockchain. TRON is a platform for creating decentralized online services based on blockchain (decentralized applications), working on the basis of smart contracts. Implemented as a single decentralized virtual machine. We have developed 3 types of smart contracts TRC-20 in the programming language Solidity, based on latest information and security researches in Ethereum and Tron networks.

During the development, we took into account possible security problems and included a system of safe mathematical calculations, protection against “zero” wallets and a double transfer control system between wallets and contracts.

During the development of the project, we used many programming languages, libraries and scripts. To develop the official website and services, we used the combination of HTML-PHP-JavaScript. For background works we are using Node.JS and Python Automation scripts. This information is classified and not provided to the public for security reasons.

Programming languages: