True Investment Finance – Anti-Fraud protection

What is this system?

This is a unique system developed by us to protect our clients’ funds. The system has been integrated directly into the token since version 2.0. It runs on smart contracts written in the Solidity language and compiled with the latest version available on the TRON blockchain.

How does it all work?

The anti-fraud system works in a passive mode until the fact of fraud and theft of users’ funds without their knowledge is revealed. After discovering this fact, the project team takes measures aimed at blocking the address (wallet or smart counter) that caused the damage. All stolen TIFT tokens are permanently blocked on these wallets and can never be withdrawn by a fraudster. Also, all incoming transactions associated with this wallet will also be automatically blocked.

What should I do if I become a victim of a scammer?

First of all, write to us in Telegram or in support using the form on the website. Describe the problem and ALWAYS provide evidence, without facts, we will not consider your complaint.
After that, our team will start an investigation and, based on the results, will take action – blocking your account, destroying the wallet balance or rejecting your application.
If the fact of fraud is confirmed, we block all the fraudster’s wallets and funds on them. And we will send you the entire stolen amount of TIFT tokens from your wallet as compensation – completely free of charge.


There is no need to try to deceive us and provide fake evidence, accuse another user or try to “get some free” tokens out of us. We will see this and add your wallet to our blacklist and block all funds on it.
We respect and trust each of our clients and ask for the same trust in return! Our main task is to secure your investment!